The Irish Podcast Awards 2022, is Ireland’s biggest podcast event. We reward excellence in podcasting from individuals, companies and organisations. The Awards take place on 16th September.

Entries to the 2022 awards are now closed and we have announced the nominations. We will open again for entries for next year’s awards, in spring 2023. 

Previous 2022 Rules Information

As well as excellence in content and production, our judges are asked to look for entries that offer podcast audiences:

We are looking for shows that celebrate the best of the podcast medium, rewarding programmes that create high-quality, episodic content, consumed by their subscribers and podcast app listeners.

To that end, judges will be asked to reward entries with an appreciation of the podcast audience and medium, and that do so consistently.

Judges are instructed to look at three areas, equally weighted, in considering your entry:


Both of the sound and the content. How have you used sound to tell your story in the best possible way? Is the content interesting, entertaining or engaging and delivered well?


Engage our judges with your best work. Does it stand out in the category? Judges will ask themselves: would this content motivate me to listen to this show on a regular basis?

New Perspectives

Podcasting is a medium with low barriers to entry, and with longer engagement than most online media. So we’re looking for treatments, guests and stories that aren’t represented in other media, perspectives that you couldn’t hear anywhere else and specifically material tuned to the podcast listening experience.



You’ll have published at least six proper episodes on your podcast feed (by March 31st 2022).*


All audio in your entry will be taken from episodes published between 1st March 2021 and 31st March 2022.


Podcasts should be ‘Irish’ because the main members of the team behind it live in Ireland, are Irish but live overseas, or the work is designed for, or predominantly listened to by, Irish listeners.


Audio used must have been available to download via RSS during the qualifying period, or free to access for a period of time and subscribable-to on an audio app or website. All episodes featured in the entry must be available to listen to until the end of September 2022.

  • Best Fiction, Documentary and Branded categories, due to their unique nature, should have a minimum of three episodes published by the end of the qualifying period.



For most categories you’ll be submitting three to five clips from at least three different episodes.


For all categories you’ll be submitting a single MP3 that includes all of your clips. Entries for most categories will be a maximum of 15 minutes long.


Each podcast may be entered in up to three Standard categories

  •     For Best Documentary, Best Fiction and Best Interview, you can choose between one and five clips (rather than three to five clips) and this can be from one episode or more (rather than at least three episodes)
  •     For Best Documentary and Best Fiction the total duration of the single MP3 you submit may be up to 30 minutes in length (instead of 15mins)
  •     For Best Live Podcast audio can be submitted from a single live episode, or a up to five live episodes.

Submitting Audio

  •     All categories require you to edit your clips together into a single MP3. You should be submitting one MP3 file for each category you enter.
  •     Judges should be able to understand where a clip starts and finishes, so you should fade out clips/leave a 1sec gap between them.
  •     There should be no in-clip editing. A clip should be taken directly from a segment of a published episode without any alteration.
  •     No non-podcast audio should be included – this means no extra production and no additional content recorded for the purposes of the entry. Any audio included is regarded as a clip, so if you include your theme music at the beginning that would be you using one of the five clips.
  •     Entries should be predominantly in English, except for Best Podcast In The Irish Language.
  •     If copyrighted content forms part of the entry, details of relevant agreements should be mentioned in the written submission. 

Category Specific Information

  •     The Best New Podcast category is exclusively for shows that launched their first proper episode between January 1st 2021 and March 31st 2022. Entries to this category must still have produced at least six episodes in this year’s qualifying period (March 1st 2021 to March 31st 2022).
  •     The Bullseye Award is for podcasts with 5,000 downloads or fewer per episode (within a month of release) and only for those who qualify for the lower payment band (generally non-company driven podcasts). It is free to enter when you submit to any standard category – just opt-in on the Your Details page.
  •     The Spotlight Award is for podcasts with 50,000 downloads or greater per episode within a month of release. It is free to enter when you submit to any standard category – just opt-in on the Your Details page.
  •     All entrants will automatically be entered into The Creativity Awards

Moment of the Year Information

The Moment of the Year category is designed for exceptional pieces of audio that have recorded a truly unique moment or particularly captured the attention of your audience, or the Irish population at large.

If you wish to enter this, there is a tickbox in the entry system. Then, at the end of the Track-listing section, do then reference which clip should be considered for Moment of the Year and why.

Other Rules

  •     Each nominee agrees to provide the Irish Podcast Awards with non-exclusive rights to present submissions in their entirety (or through clips we make) to promote the awards, both on the British Podcast Awards site and via other media outlets.
  •     Conflict of Interest: individuals or companies directly involved in production, judging and/or sponsorship of these Awards must alert us to any conflicts. We may choose to exclude an entry in certain categories; any potential conflicts of interest will be decided by the independent Chair of Judges.
  •     Any disputes will be resolved on the principle of Equity.  
  •     Judges’ decisions are final.

Terms and Conditions

  •     The Organiser of the Irish Podcast Awards is Podcast Awards Ltd.
  •     By entering the Irish Podcast Awards, the Entrant will be deemed to have read and understood these rules and to be bound by them. These rules include any instructions set out by the dedicated submission website.
  •     Entry is by reference to the award categories.
  •     The Organiser reserves the right at its absolute discretion to reject any entry that it deems inappropriate.
  •     Submission of all entries for 2022 and accompanying payment must be completed by the deadline published on the How To Enter page.
  •     Entries will only be accepted if they are completed in full and submitted through the dedicated submission website and accompanied by the entry fee.
  •     Responsibility cannot be accepted for any lost, late or mislaid entry and any entry which is damaged, defaced, illegible or incomplete, or which otherwise does not comply with these terms and conditions may be deemed invalid at the sole discretion of the Organiser.
  •     In each of the Irish Podcast Awards categories, there will be a Gold, Silver and Bronze winner. All winners will be chosen by a panel of judges drawn from the media industry as selected by the Organiser and Chair of the judges.
  •     The prize for each winner will be a trophy. There is no cash alternative.
  •     The winners will be announced in September 2022.
  •     Winners will also be published on the Organiser’s website.
  •     The Organiser reserves the right to change the categories and the judging panel without prior notice to the entrants.
  •     The decision of the Chair of Judges on all matters affecting this competition is final and legally binding. No correspondence will be entered into.
  •     Winners and nominees may be required to take part in some post-event publicity and consent to their name and images being used for such purposes.
  •     The Organiser licenses any winner to use the Irish Podcast Awards logo and laurel in connection with its award providing the year won is stated.
  •     It may be necessary for reasons beyond the Organiser’s control to alter the venue and/or date of the Irish Podcast Awards. In such eventuality the Organisers will give as much notice as it can as per the transfer of venue and/or date.